Mother’s Day Gifts – Four Unique Ideas

Are you finding yourself running a little behind on purchasing a special gift for good ole’ Mom?  You’re not alone (I’m not just saying that…seriously, I have been putting off Mother’s Day shopping for a solid two weeks now).  I have some awesome, one-of-a-kind gift ideas to show you that come from previous Ivy&Branch featured shops!  Check out these top-notch Mother’s Day products, and be sure to look closely for the promo codes included for each shop!

Mama Bear Necklace by The Artful Sojourn:

Mama Bear necklace

If you use the code “ivyandbranch” on a The Artful Sojourn order over $25, you’ll get $5 off your purchase!

This brass necklace would make the perfect accessory for a mama who wants to be chic yet functional.  I have a soft spot for this piece, as the hand-stamped “Mama Bear” on the bar makes me think of one of my favorite nicknames for my own mother.  Furthermore, you can customize the necklace with birthstone charms that correspond to all your Mama Bear’s children–a sweet and subtle touch that is sure to please your detail-oriented and fashionable Mama Bear.

Each Mama Bear necklace will come beautifully wrapped in a darling drawstring bag–and don’t forget that 20% of ALL The Artful Sojourn products goes directly to Big World Project, an organization that rescues orphaned children in India.  The donation card included with the necklace is sure to be as meaningful to your mother as the necklace itself.

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Mother’s Day print by Grace Under Pressure:

Mother's day print

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Does your mom have an eye for art?  For the calligraphy-loving, beauty-seeking, elegance-filled mother, nothing could be more tasteful than this Mother print from Grace Under Pressure.  The print is filled with both touching and playful words associated with motherhood, featuring everything from maternal virtues to fun nicknames.  When placed in a pretty frame and displayed on a desk or beside a favorite reading chair, this would be a well-cherished gift for a thoughtful mother.

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Essential Oil case by Cotton and Cursive:

Oil bag

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If your mom has caught the essential oil craze, then she doubtlessly carries a few bottles of her favorite oils with her wherever she goes.  Instead of having the bottles clinking around loose in her purse, give her this precious essential oil bag from Cotton and Cursive.  Not only is this little bag absolutely beautiful, but it’s quilted to protect the essential oil bottles.  These bags can be customized to fit different sizes–this little beauty will fit five essential oil bottles at a 5ml size, but Rachel makes others that fit 15ml bottles and roller-top bottles.  This would make the perfect gift for a mama who loves both fashion and function (and holistic health!)

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Woodburned Spoons by Being Sara Dixon:


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For the culinary mom, these gorgeous woodburnt spoons by Being Sara Dixon are absolutely perfect.  Each spoon is woodburnt by hand with a unique design, so not only are they functional, but they’re a fun way to spice up your mom’s utensil drawer.  Or, better yet, take Sara’s suggestion and display them in a snazzy vase as shown in this photo!  They are simultaneously the perfect kitchen tool as well as an elegant decorative accent–your mom will love them.

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Whatever gift you end up buying for your mother, be sure to make her feel precious and loved.  Pull together a nice meal, round up all your siblings, and create a real tribute to the amazing woman who raises you, sacrifices for you, and is always ready with a piece of advice and a warm hug.  Happy shopping, and happy Mother’s Day!


Cotton and Cursive – Colorful Whimsy and Style

Something wonderful about creatives is that their creative spaces say a lot about who they are and what they do, so getting to step into Rachel Icard’s Cotton and Cursive studio was an explosion of color, industry, and fresh ideas.


Rachel has shelves upon shelves of bright, gorgeous fabrics, bags, and quilts. Such a fun studio to explore!

With her glory of curly hair and big smiles, Rachel is exactly the kind of person you’d want to find operating a store that centers around beautiful fabrics, pristine calligraphy, and unique art pieces.  Cotton and Cursive is a dynamic shop that features Rachel’s exquisite quilted items as well as her beautiful calligraphy projects.  Her products range from pencil bags to quilts, stationery cards to dopp kits (shaving kit bags for the gents), and even adorable handmade baby rattles.


Rachel was my favorite mentor when I was in youth group, and she still blesses me with her wisdom, encouragement, and fun witticisms.

Rachel has been quilting and tampering in all things artistic for as long as she can remember, picking up sewing skills from her talented mother at an early age.  Rachel claims that Cotton and Cursive sprung up not just as an ambition, but for practical purposes: when you love to create things, you either have to sell your creations, or run out of storage space!

Cotton and Cursive highlights the genius of Rachel’s creativity.  Her signature herringbone quilting design is featured on nearly all of her fabric products, and her eye for colors and patterns is without peers.  Looking around her studio, I was dazzled by hundreds of different textures, colors, and prints, and Rachel knows exactly how to put together unexpected yet beautiful combinations.

Baby rattle

One of Cotton and Cursive’s baby rattles exhibiting Rachel’s signature herringbone style and hand-picked fabric combo.

Though Rachel’s quilted creations are magnificent, the “cursive” in Cotton and Cursive is not to be overlooked.  Rachel’s calligraphy is absolutely pristine, and her products range from elegant wedding invitations to fun and quirky cards.  Currently, Rachel’s favorite creation is what she calls “textile art,” a product that combines the whimsy of her fabric combinations and graceful calligraphy.  These textile art pieces are not only stylish, but totally unique to Cotton and Cursive–another tribute to Rachel’s explosive creativity.

Textile art

I’m 100% on board with Rachel’s textile art: each piece is stylish and one of a kind!

One of my favorite parts of running Ivy&Branch is seeing my interviewees light up when talking about creating, and Rachel was no exception.  She is truly passionate about sewing, calligraphy, and art, and that passion certainly shows in the precision and beauty of her products.  Rachel also shares my love of letters, and I was delighted by her little spiel on the art of letter-writing:

“The onset of calligraphy is bringing letter writing back. There’s been a major resurgence with people wanting to learn the old-school calligraphy scripts, and part of that includes letter writing.” -Rachel Icard


I love these masculine, sturdy dopp kits, made with Cotton and Cursive’s signature precision and style.

Rachel’s zeal for intentional craftsmanship and preserving old techniques was a great encouragement to me, and I believe Cotton and Cursive supplies exactly the kind of high quality and beautiful items that people search for when browsing Etsy shops.  Cotton and Cursive offers a virtual rainbow of colors, patterns, and options–a real pleasure to discover.