Saskatoon – Meat Lover’s Dream

If you’re looking for a special dinner destination (and craving red meat), you have to try Saskatoon in Greenville. Around here, Saskatoon is renowned for their exotic meats (think ostrich, antelope, alligator) as much as their prime aged steaks (or “tame game,” as they like to call it). Saskatoon has been a no-brainer for my family for years when it comes to special occasions, which is why I treated my husband to a dinner there last night for his 23rd birthday.

Birthday dinner

The new location is huge, and has countless fun and surprising details. Check out the gorgeous mural on the wall behind us.

Though I’ve been to Saskatoon on multiple occasions, last night was a new experience for me as we dined at their new location. Though only just down the road from their smaller Haywood Rd spot, the transformation is remarkable; the new restaurant is a full-fledged lodge, with their customary rustic elements balanced with elegance. The roaring fireplace with strings of Edison bulbs criss-crossing the vaulted ceilings makes for a dramatic and cozy atmosphere.


You’d expect good bread from a steakhouse, but Saskatoon kicks it up a notch with their flavored butters–berry, cinnamon, and honey butter, to be exact. Mouthwatering.

Obviously, Saskatoon is an automatic “yes” for anyone who loves red meat or trying something new, but the service is also a big plus. The staff at Saskatoon are markedly attentive, gracious, and knowledgeable about the menu.  You’ll really get a personalized experience and great service.


I ALWAYS fail to take a photo of my meal before diving in. This time, though, at least my impatience let me show off that incredible color inside my sirloin.

Saskatoon is an excellent choice for a special night out.  You get top-notch food without the stuffy atmosphere.  Be sure to peruse their excellent list of wines and beers (Benjamin ordered a locally-made ale from Thomas Creek Brewery…it made for a killer combo with his elk chops), and save room for dessert, too. The chocolate mousse pie is a famous hit, though I have to say that our personal favorite is the bread pudding.

front doors

Go check out Saskatoon’s new location–you won’t be disappointed. 

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