Blog Search Challenge

I was writing a letter earlier this week to a friend who recently started up a blog.  She felt daunted by the task of creating an original blog with regularly posted, gripping content that would actually garner a faithful readership.  I responded to her letter with what I hope were encouraging words, but I also just had to acknowledge that, yeah, creating a successful blog is no walk in the park!

If you’ve followed Ivy&Branch for a while, you’ll already recognize that this is a drift from my  normal content, but I felt like giving some attention to entrepreneurs who, in a way, create their own “small business” product through blogging.  As a blogger myself, I can testify that creating a website or blog with any dreams of a larger readership can be exhausting–and, many times, discouraging.

I officially began Ivy&Branch in February, posting weekly (with a few exceptions) with a new artist interview or topic post, and hoping that my featured artists and their followers might share the blog to create larger exposure.  And yet, even with that participation, blog growth is a very slow process.  Most successful bloggers admit that it takes upwards of a year just to get your blog off the ground, much less earn any profit from it.

With that in mind, I wanted to add a new element to Ivy&Branch.  So far, my project with this blog has been to lend support and exposure to as many excellent artists and small businesses as I can so that these entrepreneurs can receive the business and recognition that they deserve.

I’d like to expand that goal to highlighting blogs that exhibit intentional, engaging, and creative content.  By drawing attention to these blogs, I hope that readers will not only stimulate a habit of reading intelligent content on a daily basis, but also reward the writers behind blogs who work hard to plan, produce, and promote their content.

So, if you follow a blog (of virtually any variety, as long as the site is attended to regularly and produces appropriate content) that you would like to see receive more recognition, let me know!  You can message me on my social media platforms, or directly through this site.  I’ll post on social media regularly with calls for recommendations, and I’ll promote referrals through Ivy&Branch!

Bottom line is this: whether you run a store, an online business, or create content to edify and enrich others, then you put in a lot of work just to (perhaps) get small recognition.  Through Ivy&Branch, I would love to change that and do what I can to direct traffic your way, so that your efforts can be discovered and enjoyed.  Please join me in this mission!

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