Grace Under Pressure – Inspired Art and Calligraphy

When I think of the Etsy shop Grace Under Pressure–and my friend and mentor, Nancy Campbell, who runs it–it’s hard to separate the product from the artist behind it all.  Mrs. Campbell is the embodiment of everything worth loving about the South: grace, hospitality, charm, and an impeccable sense of style.  When I visited Mrs. Campbell’s home to interview her for the blog, she laid out a whole afternoon tea spread–and sent me home with a slice of her delectable Lady Baltimore cake.

Rainbow Row

If this doesn’t say Southern Charm, I don’t know what does. I’m IN LOVE with this Rainbow Row print from Grace Under Pressure!

The artwork and calligraphy you’ll find in Grace Under Pressure are distinctive and spellbinding–but if you detect something vaguely familiar about Mrs. Campbell’s watercolors and graceful creations, it’s for a reason: Nancy Campbell is the mother of Meg Sanders, who was my first featured artist here on Ivy&Branch (reread my article on Meg’s shop here)!  Though you can clearly see the mother-daughter influence in the works of Grace Under Pressure as well as I Say Grace Art, you’ll also notice that each have their own unique flare that is wonderful to discover.


To me, Mrs. Campbell perfectly represents hospitality, generosity, and kindness–qualities that are reflected in her artwork.

At Grace Under Pressure, you’ll find no shortage of beautiful prints to browse through.  Nancy Campbell’s style blends tasteful subtlety with fanciful details; she has a unique talent for complementing quotes (written in lovely calligraphy, of course) with inspired images rendered in watercolor.  Mrs. Campbell says that sometimes the quote inspires the artwork, or the artwork brings to mind a quote; either way, she certainly has a knack for pairing perfectly words and images.

Celtic Crosses

This Scripture and Celtic crosses print provides a perfect example of Mrs. Campbell’s gift for combining beautiful words with powerful imagery.

Art has been a part of Mrs. Campbell’s life for as long as she can remember, though she explains that it’s only been in the past few years that she’s really expanded her techniques and mediums, playing with different kinds of pens, color schemes, and enjoying the extra-special touch of embossing.

“It’s good to develop different facets of your life.  I would encourage people, if they see something beautiful or good or true, to just import it into their life.  Try it. Do it.   There’s worthiness in exposure, not just mastery.” – Nancy Campbell


Painted journals are another delightful item in Grace Under Pressure.  The florals and the glint of metallic make a gorgeous combination.

Grace Under Pressure is a treat for both the eyes and the soul: you’ll find prints that share Scripture, embody the cozy loveliness of a Southern home, or simply provide a beautiful image to frame and enjoy.  Be sure to find Mrs. Campbell on Etsy, as well as follow her blog, The Grace Under Pressure, where Mrs. Campbell discusses a range of edifying subjects, ranging from artwork to culture to parenting.  A visit to Grace Under Pressure–whether you’re perusing the blog or shopping on Etsy–is a sure source of enrichment.

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